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Soft or "chalk" turquoise has been infused with a clear epoxy resin. The resin, under pressure, absorbs into the rock, which permanently hardens the rock and deepens the color. This is a new find from China which is basically 2-toned. We acquired this from a Chinese dealer who stated that they were beads. When we got them to the store and opened the containers, (129 pounds) we found that 1/2 were broken; and that 1/2 of the rest were not drilled. The uniqueness of the items is the bi-colors of the pieces. We have washed all of them and sorted out the broken items. Don't buy these as beads unless you intend to finish drilling them. I would say that they would be best used as wire-wrappers, or glued-on with bell caps, etc.to the ends. They are polished. For expanded view, descriptions and secure order cart, simply click the photo of the item of interest.


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